20 June 2012

20.06.2012 A Trip for Children

How painful it must be for a mother, as well as for her children, when seeing the school colleagues leaving on a day trip, not abroad […]
30 August 2012

Donation of a Washing Machine, August 2012

Being sensitive to the problems and needs of those around us matters so much to them. We were very delighted when we learned that Mrs. Mihaela […]
29 October 2012

Dental Work – July to September 2012

What must you feel as a teenager with great teeth problems and you cannot see any solution because of the very big costs that you cannot […]
11 November 2012

Clothing Donation – November 2012

The AUAN project for the school year 2012-2013 is in full swing. Besides the financial aid that we offer on a monthly basis, the children also […]