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20 June 2012
Dental Work – July to September 2012
29 October 2012

Donation of a Washing Machine, August 2012

Being sensitive to the problems and needs of those around us matters so much to them. We were very delighted when we learned that Mrs. Mihaela Duta, touched by the difficult situation of a family (a mother and her three daughters) for not having a properly working washing machine and the necessary resources to buy another one, offered her support. First she provided financial aid having the old one repaired by a specialist but since the washing machine broke down again, Ms. Berea Paraschiva lent a helping hand, being impressed by the story. Having two washing machines, she donated one of them to the respective family.

We wish to express our most sincere thanks to Mr. Duta Mihai, as well as to Ms. Berea Paraschiva. AUAN aims at helping children with good school performance but which are marginalized due to the unstable family situation. Moreover, we are happy when the people around us are interested in our stories about the situations we encounter during the social surveys.

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