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11 June 2012
Donation of a Washing Machine, August 2012
30 August 2012

20.06.2012 A Trip for Children

How painful it must be for a mother, as well as for her children, when seeing the school colleagues leaving on a day trip, not abroad or to an exotic place, but to Cheile Turzii, the Botanical Garden in Cluj and to Alba Iulia, and the mother cannot afford the necessary modest costs of 45RON/child, a difficult thing for the children (11 and 13 years old) to understand, since they want it so much. AUAN offered this family support, by sponsoring the trip for both children plus an additional 15 RON/child for pocket money.  If we take a moment, we realize that this amount is very small but for those who do not dispose of it, it is a lot.

They were very happy about the trip, not only that day but also many days after, since they finally had their own story to tell about the places they have visited. With your help, as little as it is, we hope to bring as much consolation as we can to the soul of many children.

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