18 January 2018

Christmas gifts – 2017

This year, again for Christmas, a number of 50 children / teenagers enjoyed the gifts received from the Humanitarian Association Alexandra Nanu – AUAN, gifts that […]
26 March 2018

Dental appliances – 2018

As mentioned on every occasion, in addition to the monthly scholarships granted to the 23 AUAN scholars, for the 10 months of the school year, AUAN […]
5 April 2018

Easter gifts 2018

Easter gifts 2018 Also this year we, at AUAN, turned our attention to the wonderfull souls of our 50 beneficiaries, trying to offer joy before Easter […]
12 December 2018


Ruben, a serious and diligent 7th-grader has seen his dream come true! We have been observing him for two years, a time in which we have […]