The purpose of the Charitable Association Alexandra Nanu is: to provide material, financial and counseling support for children and youths from 6 to 19 years old who have difficult family conditions but wish to complete their studies.

We propose to help them during an important period of their education development, at a time when they are dependent on the financial situation of their family or on social support.

Together with you, we want to provide our help to these children and youths, regardless of their social status, religion, or ethnicity.
The Charitable Association Alexandra Nanu was formed by a group of people united by a common idea. Being sincere, generous, serious, and full of love were the most important character traits of the person who was Alexandra Nanu.

Each ones capabilities have marked the different stages in the founding of the association but team work is the key word in our activity.

The Charitable Association Alexandra Nanu was formed by a group of people united by a common idea. Being sincere, generous, serious, and full of love were the most important character traits of the person who was Alexandra Nanu.

Fate took her away from us unexpectedly in October 2010, when she was only 26, due to a grave health problem, unknown at that time. She influenced us, her parents and close friends, so strongly that we felt the need to keep her alive in our hearts and souls, continuing to do what she would have done with complete devotion.

This is how The Charitable Association Alexandra Nanu, in short AUAN, a non-governmental, nonprofit, non political association, was formed in November 2011. It became a private Romanian legal entity in January 2012 and operates by following the Romanian legislation regarding associations and foundations.

Objectives and Means

The Charitable Association Alexandra Nanu endeavors to have the following objectives:
  • Establish partnerships with city councils and school institutions, authorized institutions that are able to provide correct and complete information, in order to identify the cases that fit AUAN’s goal;
  • Selection of cases, based on the following criteria:
  • – School performance;
    – Net income under 500 lei per family member

  • Identification of the needs of the selected cases, stressing the following:
  • – School supplies and books needed for current studies;
    – Clothing and food;
    – Purchase of instruments/goods needed to develop a talent;
    – Opening new horizons through participation in trips and school camps ;
    – Psychological counseling;
  • Establish a plan to provide help ;
  • Ways of financing;
  • Implementation of the plan to provide help – delegating each case to a member of the association;
  • Monitoring the progress of each case and informing the sponsors and donors.
  • In order to achieve its objectives, the association may enter in agreements with other persons, groups or associations with similar goals, local or foreign.
    The means to achieve the objectives of the Charitable Association Alexandra Nanu are:
  • advance the goal through all available communication channels;
  • input from the members of the association;
  • recruiting new members, through direct or voluntary participation;
  • solicitation of financial or material donations of any kind;
  • strategic partnerships with companies, groups or organizations to generate funds or promote cooperation.

  • Here you can read The Charitable Association Alexandra Nanu (AUAN) Charter


    In its activities, The Charitale Association Alexandra Nanu will observe the following principles: :
  • personal initiative;
  • inclusion and cooperation;
  • voluntary contribution;
  • friendship;
  • respect and mutual help;
  • transparency;
  • equity;
  • competence;
  • responsibility;
  • loyalty;
  • continuity.
  • The team

    The Directory Committee has the following organization:
    President – Mrs. Oprean Anca-Maria – translator
    Vice-President – Mrs. Crenganis Sandrina – economist
    Member – Mr. Ivanus Radu – engineer
    Member – Mr. Fratila Bogdan-Cristian – economist
    Member – Mr. Crenganis Mihai – professor
    Executiv Director – Mrs. Nanu Dorica – programmer
    Comptroller – Miss Mirea Ruxandra – economist
    Lawyer – Mr. Hoza Dan Constantin – lawyer
    Accountant– Miss Duta Mihaela – certified accountant
    Social Assistance – Mr. Tudor-Matei Costea


    A member of The Charitable Association Alexandra Nanumay be any person who wishes to work towards the goals of the association and is willing to follow its charter. The association has four categories of members:
  • Active members;
  • Supporting members;
  • Honorary members;
  • Volunteering members.

  • Active members:
    are founding members and others who join later, persons interested in achieving the goal of the association and who accept its charter.
    - To elect and to be elected in the association’s leadership and control committees;
    - o participate as voting members at the general assembly meetings of AUAN;
    -To initiate and participate in the actions organized by AUAN;
    - To have access to the association’s database
    - To leave the association freely.
    - To respect the charter, internal by-laws, decisions of the General Assembly and the Directory Committee;
    - To work towards achieving the goal and objectives of the association.
    - To pay on time the annual fees established by the General Assembly;
    - To avoid creating material losses to the association or to its members, and to compensate for any losses, if they happen;
    - To contribute to the updating of the database;
    - o announce any changes in the personal status.
    LIST of Active members:
    D-na. Beju Mihaela
    D-na. Biris Iulia-Elena
    D-l. Biris Theodor-Vlad
    D-na Barbu Anca
    D-ra. Coman Andreea Maria
    D-na. Crenganis Sandrina-Elena
    D-l. Crenganis Mihai
    D-ra. Hoza Alexandra
    D-ra. Duta Ana – Mihaela
    D-l. Fratila Bogdan-Cristian
    D-l. Ivanus Radu-Nicolae
    D-ra. Mirea Ruxandra
    D-na. Mitrea Alina
    D-na. Nanu Dorica
    D-l. Nastase Virgil
    D-na. Oprean Anca-Maria
    D-na. Udila Anca Irina
    D-l. Udila Radu-Bogdan
    D-na. Zanea Cristiana-Maria
    D-l. Zanea Nicolae

    Supporting members:
    have the same rights and obligations as the active members, except:
    - they do not have the right to vote or to be elected in the association’s leadership and control committees of the association.;
    - they Do not have to pay the annual fee.
    LIST of Supporting members:
    D-ra. Anghel Andreea
    D-l. Balanica Romeo Nicolae
    D-na.Balanica Nicoleta
    D-l. Budac Rares-Iancu
    D-na Dociu Oana
    D-ra.Grecu Anamaria
    D-na. Konrad Cristina-Daniela
    D-ra. Munteanu Raluca
    D-na. Marginas Simona
    D-ul.Matty Kryemadhi
    D-ra. Pasca Maria-Irina
    D-ul. Schiau Radu-Andrei
    D-ul.Racz Norber

    Honorary members:
    are persons or legal entities who have provided and provide special services to the association or provide substantial financial support to achieve its goals.
    LIST of Honorary members:
    Honorary member post-mortem

    Prof.IOAN NANU – Father of Alexandra.
    He was a founding member and board member of AUAN during 19.11.2011 – 21.04.2015, with a special contribution in everything that represented the charity’s activity, in moral and financial support..
    Prof. Univ.Dr. Gerhard Konnerth – Sibiu, Romania
    Prof.Univ.Dr. Alexandru Huditeanu – Sibiu, Romania
    Pic. Viorica Muller – Traunreut, Germania
    Prof. Hermann Kolland – Traunreut, Germania
    Prof. Liviu Magean – West Virginia, SUA
    Inf. Ionescu Lucian – Toronto, Canada
    M.A.Liebhardt Diana – Germania
    Ing.Dipl. Helmut Detschelt – Vancouver, Canada

    Voluntary members:
    persons who help occasionally in the achievement of the association’s goal and objectives.
    LISTA of volunteers:
    D-na. Tolomeiu Liliana – Sibiu, Romania
    D-ra. Bobanga Raluca – Sibiu, Romania
    D-ra. Bozdoghina Iulia – Sibiu, Romania
    D-na. Dragan Roxana – Sibiu, Romania
    D-na.Costea Anca – Sibiu, Romania
    You may become a member of The Charitable Association Alexandra Nanu by completing the following:
    Membership Application.pdf
    in duplicate, one for AUAN, one for you. Please sign it and send it to the association’s headquarters. You will receive an answer for the Association.
    You may change your membership status by completing the following:
    Profile Update.pdf
    in duplicate, one for AUAN, one for you. Please sign it and send it to the association’s headquarters. You will receive an answer for the Association.
    In either case, send the form to the following address:
    Asociatia Umanitara Alexandra Nanu B-dul.Mihai Viteazul, Bl.7, Sc.A, Et.6, Ap.23 Sibiu 550350 Romania
    For any information, do not hesitate to call us at:
    Telefon : 0040746626974
    Telefon : 0040726357267
    Telefon : 0040741102507
    E-mail :
    "Live a Life That Matters"
    "Ready or not, someday it will all come to an end. There will
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    Your grudges, resentments, frustrations and jealousies will
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    What will matter is not how many people you knew, but how
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    What will matter is not your memories, but the memories
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    Living a life that matters doesn’t happen by accident.
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