10 September 2021

Adunarea Generală Extraordinară AUAN – 27 august 2021

Pe data de 27 august 2021 a avut loc Adunarea Generală Extraordinară a Asociaţiei Umanitare Alexandra Nanu – AUAN. S-au discutat doua puncte importante şi anume: […]
17 April 2021

Ordinary General Assembly AUAN (OGA) – April 10, 2021

On April 10th, 2021, the OGA AUAN took place with a presence of 70% during which the financial situation of the association available by 31.12.2020, was […]
19 December 2020

Humanitarian Gala “WE BELIEVE IN YOU” – 2020

As it is a year with restrictions, due to the pandemic, the ninth edition of the Humanitarian Gala “WE BELIEVE IN YOU” took place online, on […]
30 November 2020

Gift Matching 2020

Aswell as in the previous years, in 2020, the “Alexandra Nanu Humanitarian Association” – AUAN was again selected to participate in the Gift Matching program, a […]
28 July 2020

AUAN General Assembly, july 28th, 2020

The AUAN General Assembly used to take place in two sessions a year.The Ordinary Session was held by the end of April ,the date of the […]
14 December 2019

The Humanitarian Gala AUAN “ WE BELIEVE IN YOU” – 2019

We have had the 8th edition of The Humanitarian Gala AUAN, which ended the 2019 campaign with the same name, having the aim of raising funds […]
29 July 2019

AGE – 28 Iulie 2019

We, the members of the Humanitarian Association Alexandra Nanu (AUAN), meet every year once the school year has finished. This meeting, called the Extraordinary General Assembly […]
2 April 2019

AGO – 30th of March 2019

Saturday, the 30th of March 2019, we, the Humanitarian Association Alexandra Nanu – AUAN gathered for the ordinary General Assembly in order to analyse the activity […]
11 November 2018


10. December 2018, the Humanitarian Gala WE BELIEVE IN YOU, full house. Artists who are well-known both nationally and internationally performed pro bono on a beautifully […]
5 September 2018

General Assembly – 02.09.18

On Sunday, September 2, 2018, the General Assembly of the Humanitarian Association Alexandra Nanu took place. With an attendance of 70%, the AUAN project for the […]
15 April 2018

Gala AUAN – 12 decembrie 2017

   A VI-a ediţie a Galei Umanitare organizată sub genericul “CREDEM ÎN TINE”. “CREDEM ÎN TINE” este campania desfăşurată de “Asociaţia Umanitară Alexandra Nanu” – AUAN […]
1 April 2018

AUAN General Assembly – March 31, 2018

On March 31, 2018, the Humanitarian Association Alexandra Nanu – AUAN had the Ordinary General Assembly where the Association’s activity for financial year 2017 was presented […]
24 April 2017

Ordinary General Assembly of the Humanitarian Association Alexandra Nanu – AUAN from 22.04.2017

On Saturday, 22.04.17 the Ordinary General Assemblyof AUAN took place, in which the activity of the association, as well as the financial statements for 2016 were […]
12 December 2016

THE AUAN GALA- 13th December, 2016

The 5th edition of the Humanitarian Gala organized by The Humanitarian Association Alexandra Nanu – AUAN – together with The International Youth Association BECOME, within the […]
2 November 2016

Financing Project for the Theoretical High School Gustav Gündisch, Cisnadie

2016 is the second consecutive year in which the Humanitarian Association Alexandra Nanu – AUAN finances projects in schools which offers benefits to all students in […]
25 July 2016

AGE – 23 iulie 2016

Saturday, 23 rd July, 2016, 74% of the AUAN members took part in the Extraordinary General Assembly of the Alexandra Nanu Humanitarian Association – AUAN . […]
19 July 2016

DIPLOMA received Auchan – July 2016

As a sign of gratitude for the support offered with the organization of the “Hermannstadtfest” Festival Sibiu, the Humanitarian Association Alexandra Nanu – AUAN was awarded […]
30 March 2016


On 19 March 2016 AUAN met for the Ordinary General Assembly on which occasion they discussed and brought in the financial reports for the year 2015. […]
7 February 2016

AUAN sponsorship project funded by WENGLOR – 2015

The MULTIMEDIA LABORATORY FOR MODERN LANGUAGES APPLIED IN TECHNOLOGY was inaugurated at The Energetic College of Sibiu on the 4th February 2016. The laboratory was equipped […]
21 January 2016

Donate – Kia Europe and Kia Germany-2015

Every year before Christmas Kia Motors Europe organize fund raising events. The money is donated to organisations with charitable aim. At Diana’s request Kia have decided […]
12 December 2015

The AUAN Gala – December 15th 2015

The 4th edition of the Humanitarian Gala organized by the “Alexandra Nanu Humanitarian Association” – AUAN together with the International Youth Association “BECOME” under the campaign’s […]
11 November 2015

Gift Matching 2015

In 2015 ‘The Humanitarian Association Alexandra Nanu’-AUAN- was selected to participate in the “Gift Matching Program” supported by the Unicredit Foundation in a company from Bucharest. […]
2 April 2015

AUAN General Meeting – 21.03.2015

On the 21st of March 2015, AUAN had it s yearly ordinary general meeting, whitin where analyzed and approved all the financial documents for 2014. As […]
2 March 2015

AUAN Gala – 12th and 14th of December 2014

In 2014, the campaign “We believe in you” (supported by AUAN and International Youth Association “Become”) was ended with two well appreciated performing arts which took […]
18 September 2014


23 July 2014

Dr. Eugen Simion Dragoman’s 90th birthday!

“Now that I’ve told you my life story, what do you think of the fact that I turned 90, is it a lot or a little?” …asked […]
18 July 2014

Sibiu Excellence Award in July 2014

18 April 2014

Oracle – Easter Fair 2014

Oracle Romania, company to which Alexandra worked during the time she lived in Bucharest, arranged on 17th of April 2014 an event called “Easter Fair” for […]
15 December 2013

The Humanitarian Gala – 2013

 For the second year, “We believe in You” campaign developed by “Alexandra Nanu Humanitarian Association” – AUAN together with International Youth Association “Become” ended with a […]
3 December 2013


FUNDS RAISE FOR SCHOOL AUAN PROJECT FOR YEAR 2013 -2014 Humanitarian Association Alexandra Nanu had the honour to be selected – to be supported in fulfilling […]