Donation of a Washing Machine, August 2012
30 August 2012
Turnul Sfatului – 30.10.2012
30 October 2012

Dental Work – July to September 2012

What must you feel as a teenager with great teeth problems and you cannot see any solution because of the very big costs that you cannot even consider? It is very said that this is still happening. This is why we must be more sensitive to the needs of the ones around us. AUAN succeeded in bringing back the smile on the faces of two schoolgirls, a 15-year-old and a 17-year-old, paying for all the expenses required for the dental treatments and the orthodontic braces amounting up to a total of 3700 RON. We gladly thank the dentists  for the good collaboration and for their contribution of charging with a 20% discount.

You can also be sensitive to their problems. You can donate online or by bank transfer, any amount is welcomed.

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