The AUAN Project / 2012-2013
10 August 2013
PRESS RELEASE – 11.09.2013
11 September 2013

PRESS RELEASE – 05.09.2013


5th September 2013

“Humanitarian Association Alexandra Nanu” – AUAN, has successfully completed its first project, for school year 2012-2013. The project included 28 Childs as follows:

  • 17 beneficiaries with individual contract for a period of 10 months (September 2012 – June 2013);
  • 3 beneficiaries with individual contract for a period of six months (January 2013-June 2013);
  • 4 beneficiaries – punctual interventions (dental braces, schooling charges, participation fees festivals);
  • 26 beneficiaries received gifts for Easter and / or Christmas. 

Total amount allotted / beneficiaries / project = 43.747,83 RON 

AUAN Beneficiaries, enjoyed the support of AUAN members and supporters, who understood their multiple needs and came up with numerous donations:

– Computers, schoolbags, tutoring support, English tutoring;

– Microwave, sewing machine, washing machine;

– Food stamps, folding bed mattress;

– Rollers, Christmas tree ornaments and globes, skis, ski boots;

– Clothes from: Romania, Germany, Canada and Netherlands;

– Photo Cameras, cell phones. 

It was the first major project AUAN held during the first year of operation, time which all AUAN members, based volunteering submitted an important contribution. We all had a lot to learn, we drew important conclusions, on which we can better structure the next projects. 

We want that the association activities to carry out work in harmony and mutual engagement, among AUAN members and beneficiaries. In other way, as a family. That’s why we wanted to see the beneficiaries’ opinion about their relationship with AUAN and how they felt AUAN support in order to continuously improve the standing of the work that we perform and the involvement of beneficiaries in our actions. Received letters delighted us. Presented below you can find the feedback of one of our beneficiary. Full project details can be found on the website AUAN: 

„Support came from AUAN was a real help for me and my family. Being into a difficult financial need, I was the most affected because, being high school student, my parents can’t afford to fulfil my study needs. In my less meetings with AUAN members I didn’t have the chance to meet them closely, but I can say a certain think that these were lovely people, that tries everything to support me. But there is one point that I would like to happened, to be held more meetings with the AUAN members with purpose to know each other much better and maybe in the future the actual beneficiaries to continue what they’ve started. The most sincere thanks, yours faithfully…. 

We give our warmest thanks to all supporters, sympathizers, donors, sponsors – especially to “Electronic Wenglor” who helped us from the beginning with EUR 10,000, to  AUAN partners, to these who donated 2% of income tax in 2012, without which we could not have achieved so much, from the first year of activity. 

Executive Director – AUAN,

Nanu Dorica

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