Ordinary General Assembly AUAN (OGA) – April 10, 2021
17 April 2021
Completed AUAN project for the school year 2020 – 2021
26 August 2021


It is the tenth consecutive year when we, the Alexandra Nanu Humanitarian Association – AUAN, manage to bring a little joy in the souls of a significant number of children / young people (between 30 and 50 beneficiaries) before the most important religious holiday, which commemorates the fundamental element of Christianity: The Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

It is a difficult year for everyone and very difficult for many families, especially single parents with two, three or more children. We try to come towards them with what we proposed to offer them and to meet the needs they request from us.

With this in mind, the Alexandra Nanu Humanitarian Association – AUAN has taken the following actions:

1. 31 children / young people, 21 of them being AUAN scholars, received the amount of 150 lei each from us;

2. Upon request, a mother with two children, an AUAN scholar, benefited from a financial supplement of 2,000 lei to cover the expenses she could no longer afford;

3. Upon request, another single-parent family, with three children, one AUAN scholar, benefited, from us, from the amount of 1,500 lei, likewise, to cover expenses

4. Sara, a seven-year-old girl with a birth defect in her left hand, needed an orthosis. It didn’t cost much, only 325 lei but for her family mattered a lot the fact that we reimburse this amount.

5. Mr. Silviu Tolomeiu, a frequent supporter of our association, surprised us this time as well, providing us with a computer for those who need it. The beneficiary was an AUAN scholar.

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