30 December 2020
29 April 2021

Ordinary General Assembly AUAN (OGA) – April 10, 2021

On April 10th, 2021, the OGA AUAN took place with a presence of 70% during which the financial situation of the association available by 31.12.2020, was analyzed. The crisis that everyone went through in 2020 also brutally affected the income of our association, being of only 24,671 lei. However, using the surplus of previous years, we kept the level of expenditures, approximately constant, being of 97,665 lei. Namely:

 – 86,960 lei, representing 89.04% of the total expenses, went to AUAN scholarship holders by granting monthly scholarships (66,750 lei), Easter and Christmas gifts (10,650 lei), financial additions (7,000 lei) for those who finished the VIII-th (3 beneficiaries) and XII-th (4 beneficiaries) classes, donations (2,000 lei);

 – 7,403 lei, representing 7.58%, for office and contract honors;

 – 2,087 lei, representing 2.14%, for advertising, depreciation, bank fees, exchange rate differences;

 – 1,212 lei, representing 1.24%, protocol expenses (lunch offered to AUAN members, on the day / days on which the OGA and EGA are held. It is the only benefit for AUAN members, the entire activity being carried out on a voluntary basis).

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