Ordinary General Assembly of the Humanitarian Association Alexandra Nanu – AUAN from 22.04.2017
24 April 2017
AUAN BONUS for beneficiaries who are high school graduates
4 September 2017

Sponsorship for participation in the Malta festival – April 2017

In April 2017, the Humanitarian Association Alexandra Nanu – AUAN sponsored Luana Prodea, the recipient of a scholarship from AUAN, with the amount of 1000 lei in order to take part, for the first time, in an international festival competition. Her result and impressions were: “Dear friends, today I returned home from Malta, from the “Malta International Singers Festival” where I competed with highly talented participants from 16 European countries. It was a wonderful experience. We tied up new friendships. I practiced my English and gained beautiful memories. Thank you so much Humanitarian Association Alexandra Nanu (AUAN),Teo Padurean (Philantropical Association Olivia), Art High School SibiuYouth Association Become – youth and artsAna Marinescu (Lions Club Millenium Sibiu), Enjoy Prana by Diana – for the wonderful dress,  AstraPolyclinic Positive LifeAssociation who made this dream possible. I also want to thank my dear friends who have supported me since the “beginnings” and kept their fingers crossed for me. I won the second place and an important trophy that I am very proud of. I am extremely flattered by the compliments of the competitors and honored by the beautiful words of the members of the jury. I want to address a special THANK YOU, too, to the wonderful people Adina Sima, Livia Ionescu and Marcello Battaglia, for all the help and support”

Congratulations, Luana! We are glad to see the fruits of our investments. Now, you have an international view of your talent accompanied by lots of hard work.

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