Laptop donation – April 2017
12 April 2017
Sponsorship for participation in the Malta festival – April 2017
27 April 2017

Ordinary General Assembly of the Humanitarian Association Alexandra Nanu – AUAN from 22.04.2017

On Saturday, 22.04.17 the Ordinary General Assemblyof AUAN took place, in which the activity of the association, as well as the financial statements for 2016 were analyzed and approved. Very briefly we can say that the total expenditures made by AUAN in 2016 were of 116,866.05 RON:

– 89.998,52 – the amount directly invested in the education of children / young people (scholarships, Easter and Christmas gifts, medical treatments, school fees, bonuses, sponsorships, project financing), that is 84.71% of the total expenditures;

– 15.975,68 – Various expenses (office, contract of the social worker + accountant, AUAN gala, advertising and publicity, postal expenses, bank expenses, course differences), that is 13.67% of the total expenses;

– 1.891,85 – Protocol expenses (meetings of the AUAN members after the Ordinary General Assembly for analyzing the financial statements of the previous year and of AGO – for analyzing the closing of the project for one school year and for approving the AUAN project for the subsequent school year, this means 1.62% of the total expenses. That’s all that we, the members of the association, have allowed ourselves – 1.62% – because our entire work is based on volunteerism.

We want to thank the sponsors, donors, those who redirect 2% to AUAN, the artists with whom we have an exceptional collaboration and who support the AUAN GALA every year in December but also all those who were with us, who sustained and supported us both financially and morally.

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