01.06.12 International Children’s Day and Whitsunday
1 June 2012
20.06.2012 A Trip for Children
20 June 2012

Karate Camp, June 2012

Tudor, an 11-year old child, who is being taken care of by his grandparents (67 and 64 years old), delivering  a very good school performance in all years,  has finished the 4th grade with a certificate of excellence in Mathematics. Tudor will not be included in our program of support for the 2012-2013 school year since the net income in his household exceeds 500 RON per family member but he will be offered the Easter and Christmas gifts, along with the rest of the children. AUAN is aiming at offering support for school performance and what can be greater than obtaining a certificate of excellence for a course that implies a constant work. This way, Tudor will be joining a Mathematics Camp in September, and the costs will be supported by AUAN, since the grandparents are not able to provide material support.

Also as a reward for his activity, but this time sports related (he is enrolled in Karate classes), Tudor has been offered a 3-day Karate camp experience in June, sponsored by friends and sympathizers of the association – the family Maria and Viorel Ciotec. The cost of the camp amounted to 240 RON and the additional expenses of 60 RON were supported by the accountant of the association, Mrs. Mihaela Duta. This way, we wish to express our and Tudor’s most sincere gratitude and appreciation for their helping hand.

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