AUAN official launch – 19 may 2012
19 May 2012
Karate Camp, June 2012
11 June 2012

01.06.12 International Children’s Day and Whitsunday

The Humanitarian Association Alexandra Nanu – AUAN – had the pleasure of giving the children who are offered support by the two AUAN partners in Sibiu, the associations “Soborul Sf. Arhangheli Mihail şi Gavriil”  and “Sfântul Nicolae”, clothes resulted from donations.{gallery}donatiihaine{/gallery} The contribution to this donation was brought by:

  • Diana Liebhardt, AUAN member of honor, who collected seven clothing bags for children with the kindness of Ms. Christa Liebhardt  – Germany;
  • Sandrina Crenganis – AUAN active member – clothes collected from work colleagues;
  • Emilia Păunescu-Canada, the nice of the Vulcan family, offered AUAN many of her children’s clothing when she left the country.

On 31st of May, 2012, a great part of the AUAN members:  Anca Oprean, Radu Ivănuş, Sandrina Crenganis, Mihai Crenganis, Virgil Năstase, Dorica Nanu, Ioan Nanu and Sandu Roşianu (supporting member) visited the two associations and made the donation wishing to bring a smile on the children’s faces. It’s not important how much you give, but the amount of love you put in it.
It doesn’t matter how much you give, but the amount of love you put in it.

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