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AUAN official launch – 19 may 2012

The Charitable Association Alexandra Nanu – AUAN organised on 10th of May the official launch, an event which took place at the Inn „Apfelhaus” , Cisnădioara between 12.00pm and 02.30pm. The guests who honored us with their presence were: sponsors, partners, donors, friends whom we all may thank with this opportunity.

Sponsors: S.C.”Euroconf” S.A, S.C.”wenglor electronic” Sibiu.
Partners: National Pedagogical College “Andrei Şaguna” Sibiu, Association “ Soborul Sf. Arhangheli Mihail si Gavriil”, Philanthropic Association “Sfântul Nicolae” Sibiu. Future partners: the public service for social assistance from Sibiu Local Council.

Before the event started, 3 monitors were slide-showing photographs depicting Alexandra’s life, while her favorite songs could be listened on the background.

In the opening Mrs. Cristiana Maria Tolomeiu held a speech about the way the idea of founding an association was accomplished.
„Three years ago by this time many of us got together to celebrate another event: Alexandra was celebrating her 25th anniversary (…). Nowadays she isn’t among us any longer, but she somehow succeeded to bring us together on this day, in a common action, by guiding us with her life principles: friendship, loyalty, devotement and charity. This is why we say the unseen founder of this association is the one who carries its name and who believed is us the same way we believe in you!”

Mr. Balanica, vicepresident of AUAN, presented the association and its project by underlining the trust, voluntariness and legality. Some of the mentioned themes were: the mission, targets and action plan of AUAN, which were clearly explained and showed the seriousness and the cohesion of the new founded association. The presentation shaped clear thoughts about the working proceedings which describe the way members do the social reports about children and youths from 6 to 19 years old, and which also describe the way the support is distributed during a whole school year, the monitoring and the follow-up.

By means of an exhaustive presentation Mr. Balanica succeeded to reflect in detail the principles which form a solid ground for the good functioning of AUAN, but more than that, he managed to bring in the foreground Alexandra, the one whom we all totally owe this initiative. Through the warm and fuzzy thoughts expressed by the vicepresident and the guest speakers, the public could have a glimpse into the life and way of being of Alexandra, all in a very emotional atmosphere.

The guest speakers :
Prof. Univ. Dr. Gerhard Konnerth – honorary member of AUAN, the supervisor of Alexandra’s master thesis, who pointed out that “ she taught us to do, what we are predestined to do”.

Prof. Univ. Dr. Alexandru Hudițeanu – honorary member of AUAN, who asserted that”…what you people do is one of the most pure things from an ethic point of view, it is truly ennobling …“

Mr. Herbert Oprea – executive director of S.C. “wenglor electronic” Sibiu – who talked about the orientation of the company towards social necessities of the community and the trust in AUAN and explained that this was the reason why the company made a sponsorship in amount of 10.000 Euro to AUAN.

Prolonged applause showed the appreciation of the audience to Alexandra’s parents, Mrs. Dorica Nanu and Mr. Ioan Nanu, who had an outstanding contribution for the founding of the association.

The dialogs continued in the pleasant ambiance of the Inn “Apfelhaus” during a lunch offered by Nanu family, where a general feeling of support and encouragement was rising in all discussions.

This entire event gave us new hopes and inputs in the activity of The Charitable Association Alexandra Nanu – AUAN.

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