AUAN project for the past academic year 2019-2020
20 July 2020
Mischelaneous direct donations – 2020
30 August 2020

AUAN General Assembly, july 28th, 2020

The AUAN General Assembly used to take place in two sessions a year.The Ordinary Session was held by the end of April ,the date of the ballance sheet submission, whereas the Extraordinary Session was always scheduled for July or  August.

During the Ordinary Session we used to present, analyse and vote the financial status of the association for the previous year , and during the Extraordinary Session we presented, analysed and voted the Projeect fot both the past and coming schoolyear.

This year, 2020, which has been extremely difficult due to the present pandemic , the General Assembly gathered in only one session when all issues were presented, discussed and voted.

I.The financial status at the end of 2019

We ended the year 2019 with a deficit of 61,369 Lei. The total income was 62,616 Lei, whereas the expenditures rose to 123,985 Lei. The deficit was budgeted from the previous surplus.

What we consider important is the fact that 84% ( =103,819 Lei) of the expenditures  was used for the education of the AUAN beneficiaries. All this has been possible due to the fact that the work of the AUAN active members is based on VOLUNTEERING.

We are content that so far we have been able to maintain the expenditures for the AUAN beneficiaries at approximately the same amount. Our aim has always been to support children/youngsters with precarious material and/or financial means who are willing and able to make a career in life.

II. The manner in which the AUAN Project for the schoolyear 2019-2020 was finalized is presented in section


III.The AUAN Project for the schoolyear 2020-2021 is presented in detail in  section


IMPORTANT! Considering the fact that  2020 has been a year of crisis everybody’s income has decreased, more so in the case of the needy families. Thus ,the AUAN have decided to icrease the scholarships by 100 Lei. Consequently:

SCHOLARSHIP I is offered to students whose average is between 9 and 10 and amounts to 350/375/400 Lei per month for ten months – the length of the schoolyear.

SCHOLARSHIP II is offered to students with averages between 8 and 9 and amounts    to 250/275/300 Lei per month for ten months– the duration of the schoolyear.

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