The Humanitarian Gala AUAN “ WE BELIEVE IN YOU” – 2019
14 December 2019
Easter Presents – 2020
14 April 2020

Christmas Gifts – 2019

Christmas Gifts – 2019

1.Also this year, 51 children / young people enjoyed Christmas gifts from the Alexandra Nanu Humanitarian Association – AUAN. In addition to the 21 AUAN scholarship holders, 29 more children received gifts from us, consisting of Kaufland gift cards of 150 Lei. Among the 29 beneficiaries were also the 13 students of the 2nd grade of the Rosia Gymnasium School. Mrs. Corches Dumitrela-Paula personally took care to deliver the bags of sweets, received by AUAN, from donations and she also bought the necessary Kaufland vouchers.

2.The Charitable Association Alexandra Nanu (AUAN) has received a donation specifically for one of our beneficiaries, Denair, an 8th grade student with exceptional academic results and a wonderful voice. Denair received from Net Conect SRL, a Sibiu-based firm, a Mac Book Air laptop.

3.On 23rd December 2019, following Radu Nichifor’s suggestion and together with him, we traveller 50 km to give a stroller worth 1433 lei to a 3-year-olf girl who has been suffering from meningitis since she was 6 months old. The family lacked the financial means for such a purchase. It was an emotional encounter.

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