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20 November 2019
The Humanitarian Gala AUAN “ WE BELIEVE IN YOU” – 2019
14 December 2019

Press Release – 16.11.2019

Sibiu, 16th November 2019

The Humanitarian Association Alexandra Nanu (AUAN) has been active for 8 years this November, 2019 in the memory of Alexandra Nanu and, since April 2015, in the memory of her father, Ioan Nanu. We support the education of children and young people between 6 and 19, who had outstanding results at school and a net income/family member below 800 lei.

Due to your trust, AUAN progressed and grew every year. Our activities operate within projects which span over one school year. The AUAN project for the 2018-2019 school year comprised of 50 beneficiaries, out of which 27 were scholars (receiving scholarships invested directly in AUAN beneficiaries/2018-2019 that summed to 108.277 lei, the equivalent of 80% of the association’s total spending). We began the AUAN project for the 2019-2020 school year with the same number of beneficiaries, out of which 21 receive scholarships and the list is open for additions.

In addition to the scholarship, we have reimbursed dental/ophthalmological treatments where needed, covering braces or glasses, as we have classed these as medical conditions that cannot be postponed. A lot of the donations received from the AUAN supporters were directed to the AUAN beneficiaries, depending on their needs.

Approximately 50 children receive Christmas and Easter presents worth 150 lei/beneficiary/holiday.

One of the AUAN scholars was self-taught in playing piano and guitar, as he did not have an alternative route. Seeing how passionate he was, we have sponsored him with an organ worth 4.000 lei. We saw the results of our support very soon after. We have always tried to meet the needs of our AUAN beneficiaries through such timely investments.

At the end of 8th grade, each AUAN scholar receives a bonus of 500 lei and at the end of 12th grade, when the collaboration with AUAN ends as well, each AUAN scholar receives 1.500 lei to help them in their next stage in life. This year we had 7 scholars who graduated 12th grade, which are all university students.

For these projects to come to fruition, AUAN organises every year the campaign “WE BELIEVE IN YOU” to raise funds and which ends with a Humanitarian Gala which takes place in December, organised in collaboration with the International Association of Young People “Become” and created by Radu Nechifor, with whom we have had an outstanding collaboration. During each Gala, Mr Helmut Detschelt from Vancouver, Canada, honorary member of AUAN, awards the Prize of Excellency worth 5000 lei to a young person, regardless of their financial status, who has had remarkable results within their community, either through their academic results or outstanding skills. The award represents an example to follow for the young ones, representing what can be achieved when they are determined, have the means and the will to reach their goal.

2019 sees the 8th edition of the Humanitarian Gala “WE BELIEVE IN YOU”, on 14th December 19.00, at Thalia Sibiu. As we do every year, we are looking forward to seeing you there.

We thank all of those who had faith in us: our sponsor, donors, those who directed the 2% from the tax/salary, the artists who make up the Humanitarian Gala “WE BELIEVE IN YOU” pro-bono, the AUAN supporters and, last but not least, we thank the AUAN members who have volunteers every year to help organise this activity for the benefit of our community.


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Executive Director AUAN,

Nanu Dorica

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