Clothing donation-Canada-2013
4 March 2013
Tribune – april 2013
18 April 2013

Clothing donation Netherlands – 2013

Almost half a year ago, Mr. Menhard Marius, manager at the Dutch Company S.C.GERONIMO-RO SRL, expressed his wish of getting to know us in the idea of collaboration. The first meeting between AUAN and the family of Mr. Menhard was very pleasant. He was very interested in all the details related to our plans and in the end offered to start a personal collaboration with AUAN. The following 2-3 months, Mr. Menhard personally visited some of the AUAN beneficiaries, offering every time a small attention. He used this time to personally convince himself and get more familiar with the way we work.  The great surprise for AUAN came in December 2012, when we were told that, upon discussion with the owners of the Dutch Company, in Holland, mainly with Mr. Marie Lambert Pourquie, they came to the conclusion of sponsoring AUAN with 20.000 RON.

In February we received a donation from Holland, a package with beautiful clothing of great quality for the AUAN beneficiaries.

We offer our most sincere “Thank you!, both from our side and the side of the children.

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