Sibiu 100% – 16.02.2013
16 February 2013
Clothing donation Netherlands – 2013
2 April 2013

Clothing donation-Canada-2013

We, the members of the association, have such a great feeling when unknown people – who found out about AUAN from newspapers, our website, Facebook or friends – manage to perceive our good intentions and join us. This is also the story of a person from Canada, who left Romania for more than 40 years ago and found out about us from the newspaper, but wants to remain anonymous. Hence he decided to contact us. This beautiful collaboration started 10 month ago. He considers that if one doesn’t manage to share, with an open heart, his experiences and the goods achieved in a lifetime, everything is in vain.

He helped us both morally and financially. He nurtured a great interest in learning all details about each beneficiary: his/her situation, needs, and evolution. Since knowing all beneficiaries included in the AUAN Project for the 2012-2013 school year so well, he sent a package of clothing, shoes, etc. of very good quality, which he personally selected according to certain sizes and models. The attention to detail and the great involvement resulted out of the fact that the clothes fitted perfectly the beneficiaries who received them, these becoming the happiest children in the world!

We want to send a great and most sincere “Thank you!” both from our side and the side of the children.

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