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TRIBUNA – Andra MARINESCU 13.10.2015 10:21


Alexandra and Ioan are now reunited. Even if they are no longer here with Dorica – mother and wife – they support her from heaven in her mission of continuing the activity of the association with the help of their friends. Five years have passed since Alexandra Nanu can no longer smile at people and only a few months since Ioan Nanu passed away. On Saturday they were remembered and all AUAN achievements of the schoolyear 2014–2015 were dedicated to Jimmy as Ioan Nanu was known by friends – , the man who was steadily on the go, being fully dedicated to the responsibilities he took.. Six years ago the Nanus were not much different from other families. They were happy, had big plans and many friends who would fill their house. Now, of all these only the friends are still around to bring happiness to children by providing the support offered by AUAN. Dorica Nanu has first lost her daughter, Alexandra, as a consequence of a severe disease that was diagnosed too late for the girl to be saved.

One year after Alexandra’s rising to heaven her dears decided that the memory of the lively and generous girl she used to be should be kept alive. Thus, they founded the humanitarian association ‘Alexandra Nanu’ to help needy students finish their studies and offer them presents on special occasions. The next angel that God has called to Him this year is Ioan, Alexandra’s father, whose acquaintances all speak highly of him as a hard-working, helpful and kind-hearted man. Now, when Alexandra’s laughter and her father’s words of advice are not heard in their house any longer, Dorica is here to continue their mission. Thus, together with AUAN she has decided to add Ioan’s name to that of the association. An important decision made by AUAN was that of dedicating him all the achievements that have been accomplished with his contribution in 2014-2015.This has become reality as a result of his “daily activity to the benefit of the association since he was the interface in the communication between the public institutions and the association, setting a personal example of respect, modesty, honesty and fair-play”, as AUAN members would say. As a sign of high appreciation and gratitude AUAN have awarded Ioan Nanu the title of honorary member post mortem for his outstanding contribution to the activity of the association, devotion to the AUAN members, moral and financial support to the beneficiaries from his position as founder and member of the Board of AUAN.

Sibiu 100% – 03.10.2015


For nearly six months, we have not presented in the written press information about the activity of the “Humanitarian Association Alexandra Nanu” – AUAN and that was not because we have neglected you, dear readers, but because we have suffered a very painful loss, Alexandra’s father – Mr. Ioan Nanu, founding member and member of the executive committee of AUAN, husband and friend, who suddenly left of us and joined Alexandra on April 21st, 2015 – perhaps not coincidentally on a Christian feast day “St. Mc. Empress Alexandra”. While all our thoughts and feelings are with them, we hope we will be able to continue what we have started together “Asociatia Comunitara Alexandra Nanu” – AUAN, created in the spirit and memory of Alexandra and henceforth in memory of Jimmy – as we used to call Mr. Ioan Nanu, in a most friendly way.

We dedicate all the achievements of the AUAN Project for the school year 2014-2015, remarkable achievements both in terms of revenue and in terms of the amount invested in AUAN beneficiaries of about 65,000 RON, to the memory of Mr. Ioan Nanu for his daily activity carried out within the association, acting as the communication interface between public institutions and association, imposing respect as role-model, modesty, honesty, truth and fairness.

In gratitude and appreciation for his outstanding contribution in everything the activity of the association meant, for the commitment he showed to AUAN members, for moral and financial support of the association, for his care for AUAN beneficiaries, “Asociatia Umanitara Alexandra Nanu “– AUAN confers Mr Ioan Nanu quality of AUAN Honorary Member – post-mortem. He will always live in our hearts as a man of high moral character and a true friend.

For four years that is since the founding of AUAN, we have enjoyed an impressive support from you, from our sponsors, donors, supporters, journalists, artists and for that we thank you from the heart. We hope that you will continue to be by our side so that together we relieve both our suffering and those of so many children / teenagers who are in so much need of moral and financial support to succeed in life.

    – Honoré de Balzac –


Sibiu 100% – An IV, Nr,280 / 17 – 22 mai 2014


Although more than three years have passed since that October 2010, when the heart of the regretted Alexandra Nanu irreversibly ceased to beat and an incomprehensible fait suddenly took her away from us as a result of a serious and hidden health condition, the suffering, pain and regret – felt under the power of the shock, with an intensity so close to the human strength limits by parents, friends and beloved ones – still lingers together with the impressive way of holding her memory alive, beautiful and bright, wonderful, an example in every sense of the word, and we all have that feeling of her close presence in all we do and with every step, that feeling that she, from wherever she may be, sees us and smiles back to us with a warm and veiling look, just as we can see her in the AUAN images or on the cross so adequately arranged to be in harmony with her delicate being, with the expressivity and beauty, with the vibration that were characteristic to her when alive; and from there she seems to be smiling to those passing by and inevitably asking themselves: Why? So many events and actions, filled with significance through the special way in which her memory is kept alive, memories, invocations, testimonies, charity, from the participants, with that unique feeling of her real-like presence and communication with her – in some she appears so real that she seems to offer guidance and help so that everything turns out right as it should be in the name of AUAN – be they artistic events for those receiving help or other activities meant to enhance good, love and generosity.

If we know people – by: what they say about themselves, what others say about them and moreover by what they say about others and of course mostly through their actions, then Alexandra Nanu for whom there are so many testimonies, we wonder: what power , what force, what resource, what potential could exist in this girl of only 26 years to allow her manifest herself in such a way and accomplish so many things, by giving both friendship and love, while receiving them back from people that knew her.

The first attempt to have an opinion would make us consider that it was all about exceptional native endowments, about gifts of coincidence, of chances of life circumstances, which allowed her to have such an appearance and such a great and complex social influence. Bringing things into their usual, we can say that a major source was, first of all, the good education from grandparents and parents, the special communication that they had tailored taking itno consideration age development (about which we notice, on the occasion of AUAN launching, that few of us can pretend to be able to succeed in achieving it as parents, in one of the toughest aspirations in life: that of being parent), maybe the very fact of being native in a solar sign, dedicated to work and commitment through work, having the ability to take part to the joys of life and give joy in her turn. Therefore, parents, grandparents, and those who surrounded her with love and care energized her as a little child with the desire to see and learn new things. It would too little to say she was “ambitious”, it is rather that she was hardworking, tenacious, conscientious and responsible to “jobs well done”, optimistic – as her mother underlines – honest to herself and to others: „she always managed to inspire others, make them believe in themselves and convince them that it is much easier to do something from the heart … for the heart”(Zanea Cristiana – one of her best friends). Therefore, work, of which we can also say that it is not cuddling in itself and at the same time that it plays an important part in forming man, was a first component in the formation of Alexandra Nanu, fact noted also by teachers during her philological studies within ”Lucian Blaga” University of Sibiu and by her bachelor’s degree coordinator, Ph.D Gerhard Konnerth, who states: „ Formed within work ethic, just like how she was brought up by her cultivated family, permeated with the desire for knowledge and pushed forward by scientific curiosity, she dedicated her thesis to the terrible tragedy of the Holocaust … which became one of the few theses in our country, if not the only one, that has been added to existing documents in the Archives of the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, … to which she added other qualities that helped her win a place in her colleagues’ hearts by her open nature and moral purity” (Gerhard Konnerth). The same is related by Zanea (Tolomeiu) Cristiana, one of her best friends: „…through programs dedicated to students, turned towards the United States and Germany, where she was immediately notices owing to her friendliness and cheerful nature. She used to invest a lot in her relationships with the beloved ones and had the gift to motivate them continue their education and intellectual training. For Alexandra Nanu educational training had always been an important factor, she herself continued her postgraduate studies, widening her knowledge scope. She approached a new domain for her, Economics, and she graduated the master’s studies successfully and with exquisite feedback from professors”, which helped her to develop valued activity at two national and international famous companies: Wenglor Electronic and Oracle Romania, until her path in life was ” cut short by fate “.

I admitted , following many stories and testimonies I heard about her, that she had a very strong mental energy, great communication skills and networking , socialization , empathy and sympathy, as she was: an open attitude, with affinities and the power to influence others and motivate them to acquire self-esteem and to surpass themselves. „She used to invest much in sincere friendships,; sincerity, selflessness, seriousness, love being the most important traits of that who was Alexandra Nanu …”(mother). These wonderful young people, Alexandra’s friends, surrounded and supported mentally her parents, being always with them​​, filling, as they could, the huge gap left in their souls.

Since there were so many stories and having to select only a part of them, we fortify this poer of hers to influence other positively, being one of the best representatives, exceptional I would add, of her generation, generation in which we put so much hope to overcome the current times. Another testimony , a profound essay about suffering, regret and longing for Alexandra, a friend, Andreea Anghel in „Trip into thoughts…” is writing: „…I have never thought anyone could ever leave her mark so deeply within me …”, „… in hardest moments, in most sincere smiles, in happiedt moments or those when I have the feeling there is nothing sadder in the world … I look to the sky and I imagine her being there, giving me power and faith, telling me again and again:  ”Everything will be all right”. Or „…I wondered how she managed to have so many beautiful people beside her; I met them in turn, … first from her stories, because she used to praise them and was always telling me … „ „she was telling me so much about her life in Sibiu, used to tell long stories about her best friends … .If I criticized her friend even by joking, she used to stand up for them”.Or: among so many things Alexandra Nanu left us, we can count also „ a beautiful friendship, priceless memories …”

In this common pool of thoughts, keeping her generous and selfless spirit, the idea of the Alexandra Nanu Humanitarian Association was born, whose invisible founder is Alexandra Nanu. The dynamics of AUAN is actually formed and supported by Alexandra’s parents, surrounded by Alexandra’s friends and those who joined later –beautiful and valuable young people, significant results in various fields of activity.
From what we have managed to understand, establishment of an association of this magnitude means: hard work , dedication, sacrifice, time away from other activities, concentration, energy, responsibility, commitment, devotion. AUAN – we make the mentioning in order to prevent possible misunderstandings and especially false achievements in many domains, as it happens too often nowadays – is a non-governmental, nonprofit, politically nonpartisan association, established in November 2011, that became Romanian legal person of private law, and as of January 2012 has operated under Romanian law on Associations and Foundations; it was accredited in September 2012.

The objective of AUAN is to support children and young people between 6 and 19 years with high school performance – thus, they can build a career – but lack material and financial resources.
The picture is overwhelming in what was done under those conditions and with those given means. We will only say that we know for sure that both her parents, together with others involved in the association – and it is to the latter that we refer now – are in a position to work harder than if they were employees of a company or if they ran a large company. All the achievements of the association are explained in detail in three languages : Romanian, English and German, on AUAN website:

We consider that the nobility of a community can be illustrated in a compelling way by such initiatives, undertakings, actions, by their consistency and importance for sake of the needy, by solidarity and altruism, as it does not happen too often. It is what Alexandra Nanu would have wanted, what she would have done very well, just like how she did during her short life. It is our duty, on her behalf and for her satisfaction, to be grateful, to cherish, to acknowledge all those who directly or through their shows, dedicated, talented and devoted artists, and through other actions are involved in this noble commitment.

PhD. Alexandru Hudiţean
Ph.D.. Gerhard Konnerth 


Sibiu Newspaper no. 2379 from 9. May 2014

“I believe in God even when he is silent.” These words verses have been found on the wall of a cellar in Cologne, written by an unknown Jew hiding there from the Nazis during the war. (Just like in addition Adalbert Ludwig Balling in: “To believe in the sun even when it is not shining”). In the preceding images of the sun, in which the stranger believes, even if it does not appear and in the love he believes in, even if he does not feel it, are summarized the symbolic expression of wisdom and truth. Such a truth expressed here in a few words –not in the language of fear, but rather as a message, suggests that the stranger has also believed in the deep secret of every interpersonal relationship – the respect for others. In this truth also lies the deep and unfathomable mystery of the spiritual nature of the fellow men that stands far above the level of its surroundings. Certainly it is a looking back to transform dependency, helplessness and powerlessness as well as distress, hardship, and danger in longing and hopelessness in memory. Longing for what? Surely for the sun and the love and certainly for the humanity that could put an end to all pain. And certainly, for God, even though Friedrich Nietzsche has said about the Christians: “happier faces they would have to wear so that I could believe in their God.”

Therefore, let us – as someone once said – go for humanity and thus to friendship, because then there the world would be less cold, less loneliness and less solitary people.

Such a firm belief in kindness and humanity has also had Nanu Alexandra, who has formerly studied German and English at our Faculty of Philology and Stage Arts, which he graduated from in 2007. She had faith in the fundamental values ​​of human togetherness and has experienced them not only as dreams, but as magic moments.

For the life of human togetherness is not hidden, but is like a long journey, which also leads to the inside. Such introspection has probably Hermann Hesse meant when he has written these words: “But where paths that have an affinity for each other intersect, the whole world looks like home, for a time.”
Home of the converging paths well as messengers of God from a different, perfect world – as someone once said, words in which Alexandra Nanu believed.

Emissaries, to which she poured her heart out, to which she “went in simple affection”, because then, she had “no reason to wrangle with the world or with God”. (Robert Louis Stevenson)

We have known Alexandra Nanu as a simple, modest speaking and acting student. Her simplicity and naturalness, but also her clarity of thought as well as her openness and truth in dealing with the others had won her peers’ and teacher’s sympathy. Likewise, her willingness to learn from mistakes, and her gratitude for the gifts of life.

To her self-realization has also contributed the indignation over the crimes committed in the history of the recent past against the dignity of the people and against humanity, expressed in her diploma thesis on “The Holocaust in the Curriculum of the Sibiu Primary Schools” (scientific supervisor: Prof. Dr. Gerhard Konnerth). Her thesis on contemporary history education and management of injured humanity and reverence, which has become a task of our schools, has been filed in the archives of the Holocaust Museum in Washington.

Active charity and deep reverence have accompanied Alexandra Nanu in all her activities, and she has drawn from there the power and willingness for her remaining time. This relentless time has expired for her in October 2010, when she succumbed to an unknown disease. On May 18, 2014 Alexandra Nanu would have been 30 years old.

In our memory, her deep reverence for the word that was very close to her heart and soul, remained alive. (5 Mo, 30,14)
So is there reverence in the words: “At death, silence must be…” form “The Great Death of Socrates” by Plato, in the dialogue where Plato, at the sight of the poison drinking Socrates, loses his heart and starts to cry, so that he had to hide his face and his unstoppable tears- “not because of Socrates, rather because of my fate, because I had understood, what great a friend was taken from me”. The entire circle of friends was disheartened by bitter weeping, not only Socrates … he said:… At death, silence must be, I have heard. Then be calm and collected”. And further “We felt ashamed and oppressed our tears. ”

Is there to conclude that grief must repressed and the inner need of the bereaved is to turn inward, and not outward? Does it not belong to our Christian tradition, that grief should be lived, intensely, “always with heart and soul”, because the richness one’s own and foreign experience means also “that the one who had the permission to grief mentally and physically…to indulge”, shall “live with newly gained powers”? For it is only when man agrees to accept pain and to consider it part of his life – then he gains the opportunity to grow. A paraphrase of Nietzsche would be: He who has a “why” to live will find a “how” to live.
And often it is the dying, who instill in us hope and courage and go with a heavenly and all-knowing smile on their lips. For it is written that it is the deeper meaning of life, to know the truth and love of God. In truth and love, the heartbroken parents and the stunned and shocked friends live –they, who have learned with Rainer Maria Rilke that you learn slowly, “to recognize the very rare things, in which the Eternal dwells, the loneliness, in which we can participate to the silence.” Once the parents have accepted what they could not admit, they have built their lives on the realization that their lives cannot be dominated by doubt, hate and renunciation, by bitterness, numbness and darkness, but that life can only be learned from life.
So they have accepted the many proofs of friendship of those who viewed them as friends, neighbors or co-religionists – referred to in the Old Testament as brothers – who have approached them with spiritual affection and self-sacrifice, and have joined forces with them to a community in which they have found healing and inner peace. This community is the Charitable Association Alexandra Nanu (Asociaţia Umanitară Alexandra Nanu – AUAN), which is funded by donors and volunteers, and its moral lies as well in the attitude of the founders and of the donors (such as Helmut Detschelt from Vancouver in Canada or Wenglor in Sibiu) and in their deeds: to do good to the needy children and adolescents. The inner and outer freedom of the Charitable Association Alexandra Nanu is based on the realization that has been passed as insight and at the same time as a message to the world: Being human is happening to the degree that we share with others. (Bruno Moser)
A word about the pain and suffering of the parents: you will be bearing it for a long time, because: “To every thing there is a season …” (Pr 3.1), as well as for love, longing and memory. But this remains – with Jean Paul – “the only paradise from which we can not be expelled.”

Prof. Dr. Gerhard Konnerth
Prof. Dr. Alexandru Hudiţean


Alexandra Nanu was born in Sibiu in 1984. She spent her childhood in Ilimbav, together with her maternal grandparents, and in Sibiu, with her parents and paternal grandparents who surrounded her with love and attention, passing to her from a young age the desire to discover and learn new things. Ambitious and optimistic, she always succeeded in inspiring those around her by giving them confidence in their own strength and convincing them that it is easier to do something from soul…to soul.

Education was very important for Alexandra. She studied languages at the University in her hometown but always wanted to expand her horizons. With the help of work & travel programs for students, she went to Germany and the United States where she made many friends because of her friendly spirit and joyful nature. She invested a lot in her relationships with those around her and had the gift to motivate them to continue their studies and improve intellectually. She continued her studies after college and studied business, a new field for her, and completed her master degree with much success and she was appreciated by her professors. Impressed by her thesis, her advisor suggested that she start her doctoral studies, which she was planning to do if time were on her side.

Whenever she faced obstacles, Alexandra found the strength to look ahead, to believe in herself and to trust her decisions. When she was offered a new job in Bucharest, she was excited by the challenge of moving there and beginning a new direction in her life. Sadly, when she looked most happy and fulfilled, her journey through this life was interrupted and her steps turned towards the Heavens.

Alexandra had a special way to show that she cared – optimistic and always smiling, believing in her own strength and with great dreams, she managed to build sincere friendships with wonderful people, who shared her ambitions and followed the same principles.

For it is said that a person does not completely leave this world, that her spirit still lives among the dear ones, guiding them on their path, being always present in their thoughts, her parents decided to join with Alexandra’s friends for a common cause, thus preserving her giving and selfless spirit. This is how the idea of The Humanitarian Association Alexandra Nanu came to life, its spiritual founder being Alexandra Nanu.