Mischelaneous direct donations – 2020
30 August 2020
Laptop sponsorship – September 2020
5 December 2020

Gift Matching 2020

Aswell as in the previous years, in 2020, the “Alexandra Nanu Humanitarian Association” – AUAN was again selected to participate in the Gift Matching program, a program supported by the Unicredit Foundation within a renowned company. Due to the pandemic, in 2020, the rules of the program were changed. Namely: for each donation made by the company’s employees, for one of the selected associations, regardless of the amount, the company transfers, in the following year, the amount of 50 EURO to the respective association. In 2020, for AUAN, 30 employees donated, the amount being 3,365 lei. Therefore, in 2021, the company will transfer to our association the RON equivalent of 1500 EURO.

This action was in charge of Bogdan Frăţilă, member of the AUAN Board of Directors.

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