Easter Presents – 2020
14 April 2020
AUAN project for the past academic year 2019-2020
20 July 2020

Laptop donation – April 2020

In April 2020, when classes were taking place entirely online and much to our delight, we were contacted by an AUAN sponsor who wanted to donate a computer equipped with all the software necessary for online classes. We conducted an analysis of the AUAN beneficiaries’ circumstances to choose the recipient of the donation. The computer was donated to a family with  many children, all with exceptional academic results, out of which two were AUAN beneficiaries.

The computer was donated by Silviu Tolomeiu and the monitor and the Office license were donated by Righeriu Ovidiu.

Mr. Siviu Tolomeiu has donated, almost every year, 1000 lei to AUAN.

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