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29 July 2019
Sibiu 100% – 16 noiembrie 2019
20 November 2019

SPONSORSHIP – three AUAN scholars will undertake fully funded SOROBAN courses – JAPANESE MENTAL ARITHMETIC, organised by LOGICLUB

Mrs. Matei Andreea, LOGICLUB’s owner, contacted us eight months ago to inform us that, following an analysis of Sibiu’s NGOs, we were selected for a collaboration. This collaboration involves us suggesting and them accepting three AUAN scholars to follow, free of charge, SOROBAN courses, under the same conditions as those students who undertake the courses for a fee.

Later on, we met with Mrs. Matei, who holds a certificate from the most prestigious SOROBAN school in Japan. She explained to us in detail her trajectory, her goals and she also presented the structure of the project, the benefits of the course for those who undertake the courses. Amongst those benefits, she mentioned the perspective of students’ mental development, broadening their horizons regarding the implementation of logic in the daily life and also building up students’ self-confidence. You can find out more about LOGICLUB and SOROBAN on this website:

We hereby thank you, Mrs. Matei, for your choice and we congratulate you for the courage of engaging in such a project. Our meeting was extraordinary. From the way in which you have presented the project I discovered a very well-prepared person for what it is to come, who leaves nothing to change, who finds and has all the right words, without unnecessary repetitions, suggestive of a person who works with dedication, perseverance, earnestness and last but not least, respective towards herself, her partners and students.

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