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The AUAN-project for the school year 2018-2019, successfully completed

The humanitarian association Alexandra Nanu – AUAN works on the basis of projects that extend throughout a whole school year, from September 1 to June 30. The business activity of this association is the monthly awarding of scholarships (but not only) to 6 to 19 year old children/ young people with average grades between 8 and 10 and a net income/ family member of no more than 800 lei.

The amount of the scholarship is determined on the basis of the academic achievements but also of the education cycle. In addition to the scholarship, the association also takes into account the children’s social situation and their needs and distributes the donations from the AUAN members and supporters to the most needy ones, in the form of sponsorships, school fees (where required), financial assistance when finishing the VIII and the XII class, as well as gifts for Christmas and Easter.

In particular, on request, we also offer financial aid to children in medical cases, e.g. for dental or ophthalmological problems, where the delay in starting a treatment could be harmful.

In thoughts of our loved ones, who are no longer with us, we have succeeded in completing the 7th project of AUAN for the school year 2018 – 2019. The total amount invested in the children’s / young people’s education this year has been of 108,277 lei, which is about 80% of the total expenditure.

Out of consideration for the moral and financial supporters of the AUAN Association, below we will present a brief summary of the AUAN expenditures for the school year 2018-2019, the number of beneficiaries and the nature of the expenditures.


Type of expenditure


Number of beneficiaries



67.575 lei



Dental and ophtalmological treatment

4.411 lei



Presents for Christmas 2018 and Easter 2019

15.000 lei



Financial aid at finishing the VIII class

1.500 lei



Financial aid at finishing the XII class

10.500 lei



Donation – electronic organ

4.000 lei



Donation – Renovation of the Children’s Palace

4.991 lei

All children, members of the Children’s Palace


Prize – awarded to an AUAN scholarship holder, participant in the International HermannstadtFest Sibiu, June 2019

300 lei




108.277 lei



Prize – awarded by one of the honorary members of the AUAN Association, Mr. Helmut Detchelt from Vancouver, Canada, to the beneficiary directly, at the AUAN Gala “We Believe in You” (seven awards were given out in six years)

1.000 Euro


Through a very good collaboration with another association that grants scholarships to students, some of the AUAN beneficiaries will be taken over by this association after finishing the 12th grade and completing their cooperation with AUAN, to continue their studies.

Many thanks to the sponsors, donors, to those who have redirected 2% of their income to AUAN, to the artists with whom we organize the GALA of the AUAN association “WE BELIEVE IN YOU”, pro bono, each year in December, to raise funds. Without their moral and financial support, we would have done much less for the good of the community.


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