Bonus 2019 – for the scholarship holders of AUAN, of the eighth and twelfth grade
22 May 2019
Sibiu 100% – july 13 2019
15 July 2019

Mai Pension – Sponsorship – June 2019

 Based on an old and good collaboration with the Mai Pension (five daisies), with the goodwill of the Lupu family, the owner of this pension, AUAN received a sponsorship: three days all inclusive for two AUAN scholars.

     Petra and Ana, which receive the AUAN scholarship since 2013, have enjoyed this offer. Now they are in the 12th grade, during a period of exams (baccalaureate and admission to college). For them, three days of study, in a place in the middle of nature which was only a dream for them, having everything that a pension of this level can offer, it was just Heaven on earth for them.

    “First of all, we would like to thank you for giving us this opportunity to spend three days at the Mai Pension. The conditions and warmth with which we were received have exceeded our expectations. The room was comfortable, the facilities as well as the delicious food (especially the cheese dumplings …), all in a quiet setting, with wonderful landscapes. All staff and, in particular, the Lupu family have made us feel very, very good. Overall, the trip has been a major benefit for us and we feel honoured by your attention towards us “Petra and Ana

     Thank you, the Lupu family!

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