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21 December 2016
Sponsorship upright piano – februar 2017
15 February 2017

Christmas presents – 2016

In the year 2016 when AUAN fulfilled 5 years of activity, a number of 50 children/young people received gifts from AUAN side and from other members and associations sympathizers.

From AUAN side, each one of the 50 persons enjoyed 3 Kaufland vouchers valued total 150 lei.

Simea-Siemens offered 25 gift bags cu sweets and fruits. Many beautiful clothes offered by Mrs. Diana Munteanu and Raluca Bobanga (AUAN volunteer). A family with 2 children enjoyed a lot the Christmas tree and decorations offered as a gift by Mr. Mircea Goia.

We thank everybody on behalf of the ones who benefited of these gifts.

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