Tribuna – 09.02.2016
11 February 2016
30 March 2016

DONATION – furniture for youngsters – 2016

Andreea –an AUAN beneficiary – and her parents informed us that they would be extremely happy if someone could donate them furniture through AUAN.
Andreea Coman – AUAN member – had her parents’ flat renovated and new furniture put in. Some of the pieces of furniture, still in excellent condition, were donated to AUAN. We passed them on to Andreea, as we knew that she fully deserved this favor. We herewith quote her on being offered this gift:
“I am deeply grateful to those who offered me the furniture. It is simply wonderful, I love it! I was speechless when I received it. I cannot thank you enough; you have made me very happy. It has been a pleasant surprise for me and my family that on coming across this furniture you thought of us.”

Furniture in the house donors

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