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2 April 2015
Sibiu 100% – 03.10.2015
25 October 2015

Easter Gifts – 2015

Just before the holy Easter holidays – days that should bring joy within the soul of every child – the Humanitarian Association Alexandra Nanu offered to a number of 39 children the traditional AUAN bagful of sweets, with a value of 42 Ron/bag. As well  78 gift cards valuing 50Ron/card valid in the Kaufland stores, with these being able to purchase food or else what they need.

Nicoleta and Nicolae Balanica, AUAN members, donated valuable electronics.

Dorica and Ioan Nanu, AUAN members, bought a suit jacket to one AUAN beneficiary, who just received the 1st prize at piano and 2nd prize at canto, at a national music competition, being only 15 years old.

Mrs. Elena Baja – from Diada company, as AUAN sponsor in 2014, donated clothes. In total 8 big boxes full of high quality and modern clothes.

Ms. Raluca Bobanga, AUAN volunteer, donated also 2 bags of clothes. As sample, please see below some pictures.

AUAN team shares sincere thanks to all of the ones who contributed for the joys of these children, now before holidays, and ensures that every thing arrived to whom it needed it.


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