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26 July 2014
18 September 2014


AUAN projects are carried out throughout the period of a school year, starting in September each year, for 10 months.

The project for the school year 2013-2014 included 29 beneficiaries, the total amount paid/beneficiaries was 39,394.93 RON (Sume achitate 2013-2014), and the criteria for the selection of beneficiaries were:

  • school performance/results
  • applicant’s age between 6 and 19 years
  • a net income per family member less than 500 RON

In the school year 2013-2014 AUAN had four categories of support recipients, depending on their school performance, namely:

I. SCHOLARSHIPS– 9 beneficiaries in the 1st semester and 10 beneficiaries in the 2nd semester:

  • general average between 9 and 10, respectively grade/rating V.GOOD
  • scholarships consisted of:
  •     – monthly amounts depending on the level of education, namely:
  •              – grades: I – IV: 150 RON/month; 1500 RON/ school year
  •              – grades: V – VIII: 175 RON/month; 1700 RON/ school year
  •              – grades: IX – XII: 200 RON/month; 2000 RON/ school year
  •     – Easter and Christmas gifts;
  •     – June 1st gifts;
  •     – occasional donations made by AUAN members and supporters

II. FINANCIAL AND MATERIAL SUPPORT – 5 beneficiaries in the
1st semester and 5 beneficiaries in the 2nd semester;

  • general average between 8 and 9, respectively, grade B
  • the support consisted of:
  •    -monthly amounts depending on the level of education, namely:
  •            – grades: I – IV: 100 RON/month; 1000 RON/ school year
  •            – grades: V – VIII: 125 RON/month; 1250 RON/ school year
  •            – grades: IX – XII: 150 RON/month; 1500 RON/ school year
  • – Easter and Christmas gifts;
  • – June 1st gifts;
  • – occasional donations made by AUAN members and supporters.

III. TIMELY INTERVENTIONS – 4 beneficiaries in the 1st semester and 5
beneficiaries in the 2nd semester

  • general average less than 7
  • the support consisted of:
  • – occasional – for the support of a talent, if school results fell under the category ‘GRANTS’;
  • – occasional – strictly in cases of emergency- a sum of 500 RON/year, in the case of those with average less than 8;
  • – Easter and Christmas presents;
  • – June 1st presents;
  • – occasional donations made by the AUAN members and supporters.


  • no restriction considering school performance; beneficiaries are mostly siblings of the beneficiaries from the first three categories

We differentiated aid to stimulate growth in the beneficiaries’ school performance. We reevaluated each beneficiary’s school performance at the end of the 1st semester. In the case of changes of the conditions stipulated in the initial contract, an Additional Act to the contract was issued by means of which the beneficiary was included in the corresponding category.

Amounts allocated to beneficiaries were strictly for their needs, especially for raising school performance. The case administrator – AUAN member – had the responsibility to prioritize the beneficiary’s needs, to give their consent on purchases that would make them beneficial, and, within two days, to settle the invoices received by the beneficiary in accordance with the individual contract concluded between AUAN and the beneficiary.

The entire activity is conducted under a contract concluded between the beneficiary and AUAN, a contract that clearly stipulates its objective and duration as well as the obligations of the parties.

Beneficiaries’ needs identified over social inquiries:

  • nourishment, clothing, foot-wear;
  • books, notebooks, school supplies, workbooks, dictionaries, PCs, tutorials;
  • dental treatments, braces;
  • ophthalmologic examinations, reading glasses;
  • camps, trips/outings.

The AUAN project for the school year 2013-2014 was made possible by:

  • AUAN sponsors http://www.;
  • native and foreign donors to whom AUAN have been able to communicate their good intentions:;
  • the about 700 people who opted for directing 2% of their income tax for the year 2013 to the AUAN account, in accordance with the present Romanian legislation;
  • AUAN members, who have succeeded in making AUAN a solid and trustworthy association for both beneficiaries and local community, as a result of their dedication, work and substantial financial contribution:

We express our gratitude to all of them.

Like always, at the end of every school year we ask for the beneficiaries’ opinion about their collaboration with AUAN. Herewith we present a few of our beneficiaries’ opinions – just like they expressed them:


The support offered by AUAN has been of great help to me and my family. Being in a critical situation, I can say that God has taken care of us by means of some generous people. I had never dreamed that somebody would ever give me a helping hand but reality proved me wrong. With the help of AUAN I managed to finish the school year successfully in terms of textbooks, workbooks, school supplies and clothing, which I would have had great difficulty to acquire.
I do not know whom I should have thanked first; the Association who makes a lot of children and their families happy (among whom myself), or God who has enabled me to meet these generous and kindhearted people, to whom I am very grateful. I believe that an angel is watching over us and is pleased with their deeds. In order to express my gratitude I would like to offer my support in continuing this humanitarian aid for the numerous needy children who dream of a better, though modest, life.
Respectfully and many thanks,
( student, grade XI )


AUAN have offered me a monthly scholarship for one year. This scholarship enabled me to participate in several contests, which I wouldn’t have been able to do without. AUAN have supported me not only by offering me a scholarship but also by reassuring and encouraging me. If they could further help me I would like to have some jazz tutorials which amount to high sums considering that this activity is available only in Bucharest.
I am very grateful to Mrs. Dorica Nanu and Anca Oprean who have always been very close to me, and if I could once help them too, I would gladly do it. I will never forget that this association has helped me so much.
( student – grade VI )


Dear AUAN,
Another year has passed in which I learned a lot. Every time I practise playing the piano I gladly remember you. Your help has triggered excellent results in my piano skills.
I appreciate that you did not forget me before Easter and Christmas either. I will keep working as hard as I have.
Love, ( student – grade III )


We are Ana, Petra and Sami and come from a family with 8 siblings aged 3 to 20. Unfortunately our parents divorced one year ago after our father left the family. We live only with our mother and grandmother in a small house with a vegetable garden, a flower garden and vine.
As a result of the AUAN support we were able to get the necessary school supplies and adequate clothing for the entire school year, nourishment and dental treatment. We are deeply grateful to the association for the support as well as the wonderful presents offered on Christmas, Easter and June1.
We thank you wholeheartedly!
(Ana and Petra – students, grade VII; Sami – student, grade VI)


Many thanks AUAN for all you do, for the happiness you bring, and for the mere fact that you exist. I was one of the beneficiaries of AUAN in the second semester of the school year 2013-2014 and I want to thank them for this. I have pleasantly been surprised beginning with the Christmas of 2013 when I was offered many sweets and nourishment. The AUAN team has been very supportive throughout the semester. I received presents for Easter, too: lots of sweets and a smart dress, which made me very happy. On June 1 I got KFC vouchers which enabled me to invite my family out and have a great time with them.
Thank you AUAN for everything you did and still do for us!
(student – grade I)


I would like to express again my gratitude for the support and help from AUAN throughout this school year. With your help I have been able to write the school projects on my computer. This year my general average was higher than last year (9.52 compared to 9.33). I will send you a copy with my last year averages and the characterization made by my class mistress.
I have not forgotten about the free dental consultation on which occasion I was given invaluable advice.
I express my deep gratitude to Mrs. Beju for her support.
Thank you for everything!
(student – grade VII)


Dear Director of AUAN,
I am writing to express my gratitude for the support you have offered my family whose financial situation is poor.
As to the allotted scholarship I can say it has been of great use in completing my income, which enabled me to buy school supplies and provide the bear necessities (nourishment and clothing). With your help I could solve some of my dental problems. Most of all I would like to thank you for the presents I got on the religious celebrations.
With reference to the collaboration with case administrator, Mrs. Mihaela Beju, I can only mention that it has been very fruitful: she has always been very close to me giving me information about my rights and duties for the association and advising me on a rightful use of the offered supplies.
Besides the Association, the school got engaged in my case by the support offered by my class mistress who assessed my intellectual and behavioral progress throughout the school year.
More than that, during the ninth grade, which represented a new beginning in my life, I realized the importance of school, family, but also the support of the people around, respectively the activity of your association for the assistance of needy families.
Thus, I hope that my school results will meet the requirements of the contract and I thereby wish you the best of health and success in the activity that you, AUAN members and the sponsors develop.
Respectfully, (student, grade IX)


I want to thank you for everything I received from the Association, since there were things that my parents could not afford. If possible, I would like to use the money for foreign languages tutorials.
I will try hard to please you with even better school results.
Thank you for everything you did for me!
Respectfully, (student, grade IV)


My dears,
I consider that the activity of AUAN is an extremely beneficial one. I am very pleased with it and have no discontent.
Respectfully, (student, grade V)


My name is Rares. I live in Sibiu with my aunt and uncle. To me AUAN signifies the support that helped me achieve a lot of things. Many thanks to Mrs. Nanu for founding this association. Thanks to its activity many children get assistance. I hope that all children can make a good future and a happy life.
(student, grade V)


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