1st of June 2014 – Happy Birthday to all children
4 June 2014
Sibiu Excellence Award in July 2014
18 July 2014

2014 Sibiu Halfmarathon

 During this year , in the 2014 Sibiu Halfmarathon , AUAN was present by supporting a competitor : Alamorean Raluca, with a 300lei sum of money. Raluca, who ran on a distance of 5 km. for the project “Help the children without support to go to school “, is a member of the ” We Help ” group.
This group aims at gathering the necessary funds to open a day-centre in order to reduce the school abandon attempt. The purpose of this centre is to shelter the pupils from the programme, both from primary school and gymnazium , where they will get tuition lessons and will participate to educational activities. AUAN wishes them great luck in the project implementation !
We have the pleasure to announce that we will have OUR OWN runners for OUR project next year !

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