Tribuna 11.04.14 – Alexandra Nanu îşi ajută în continuare semenii
11 April 2014
Oracle – Easter Fair 2014
18 April 2014

Eater Gifts 2014

For most of the children the Easter is that time of the year where they hope that their needs will be fulfilled. 25 youths were taken into account by AUAN, enjoying the traditional gifts and sweets prepared with care by AUAN’s members. Each present costs 150 lei.

Gifts have included food, sweets but not only. Because of some persons which support our cause, like Mrs. Eva Funariu, Mrs. Maria Padrut (a colleague of Mrs. Mihaela Duta) and also an AUAN beneficiary (even if she didn’t have much to give she wanted to sustain us). Some of the gifts contained also fine clothes which were selected in respect with age and height of AUAN beneficiaries.

We thank to Mrs. Eva Funariu, Mrs. Lucia Gutia, Mrs. Maria Padrut and our AUAN beneficiary.

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