Press release – 19.12.2013
19 December 2013
Hermannstädter Zeitung – 20.12.2013
20 December 2013

Christmas Gifts 2013

Christmas Gifts for 2013

25 Kids and youths were glad to receiving in this year Christmas Gifts offered by AUAN. 18 of them are AUAN’s beneficiaries and 7 are their brothers (where the case). We intended that in such moment of the year to make no difference and where are more than one child into one family to offer to all of them. This is good and a Christian thought.

For this time each child or youth got three presents as follow: one from AUAN with food, another from Scandia Food with food produced by them and a last from Simea Sibiu – Siemens with sweets and oranges and as a donation from Mr. Menhard a present ticket in amount of 10 lei. The entire amount for each person is 135.32 lei.

Mrs. Lucia Gutia give us as a donation the followings: a cell phone, winter and sport shoes and books, stuffs for which the kids were very happy.

We want to thank to all who stand with us in this project and also best wishes to all kids and youths,

Happy Holidays!

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