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3 June 2013
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June 1, 2013

The most beautiful 1st of June for the AUAN beneficiaries

The beneficiaries of the „Charitable Association Alexandra Nanu”- AUAN, were happy to be invited to the feast „SCANDIA TRAIN OF JOY”, organised for the employee’s children by the company S.C. “Scandia Food” SRL in partnership with the Village Museum. The event took place on Saturday, the 1st of June 2013, in the Village Museum.

The event was extremely well organised, up to the very small details, and a lot of soul was put in especially by Scandia’s Human Resources Department. It lasted for 4 hours, between 11:00 – 14:00, in a very cheerful atmosphere: balloons, music, recital, workshops, theatre, face painting, football, pictures, drawing, playing in the sand, juices, sweets and presents. It was very well thought for all categories of ages for children.

The children could choose between the workshops: making of dolls out of textiles, pottery, the serviette technique applied on photo frames, painting all under the supervision of the Museum’s specialists and the objects created were beautiful and could be admired even by the grown-ups.

The event had also other very appreciated moments such as, the recital of Luana Prodea, who is already known for the public from Sibiu thanks to all her concerts, TV shows and contests.

The boys played football. They organised themselves quickly and made a real show while a real arbiter, an AUAN member, was supervising them. The really small ones spent their time playing in the sand. Everybody took pictures with the nice figures brought for this special occasion.

The fair hostesses created a very happy ambiance while they were inviting everybody to dance.

In the end “ SCANDIA TRAIN OF JOY” appeared, a cake big and tasteful, and the conductor had the mission to give to everybody a big slice of cake. The children also received presents according to their age: a mobile phone Nokia, football balls, and others.

Finally, we asked 3 of our beneficiaries to tell us some thoughts in an E-mail about how they spent time at the fair. In the following their answers are reproduced without modification.

Beneficiary 1 :

„I will start with congratulating you for the beautiful event which brought to all our souls happiness and joy and reminded us once again the childhood mood.

In my opinion the event was a very special one, well organised and the presents were very useful. I was deeply impressed when I received on behalf  of Scandia Food a new mobile phone.

The event was structured on many workshops for creation. Only some of them were pottery, painting and ceramics. I really felt during the whole event the love for children and the dedication of the stuff. I can say without hesitation that this was the greatest 1st of June from my life!”

Beneficiary 2 :

“From my viewpoint this day was really a day of feast, and everybody could learn something from the workshops. The cake was very delicious and the presents were great!”

Beneficiary 3 :

In my opinion, some of the greatests artistic moments during the event were: theatre and the impressive recital of Luana Prodea. I also made a lot of beautiful pics with fairytale characters. It was trully wonderful!”

AUAN expresses its sincere and warm thank you to S.C.”Scandia Food” SRL, because they trusted and believed in us and by that they made it possible for our beneficiaries to spend their best 1st of June ever!

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