Easter Gifts – 2013
29 April 2013
AUAN is supporting young talents
3 June 2013

Various donations – 2013

Besides the monthly financial support, offered according to the AUAN project for 2012-2013 (https://www.alexandrananu.ro/en/proiecte/proiecte-in-derulare-2/) and the Easter and Christmas gifts (300 RON/ beneficiary) (https://www.alexandrananu.ro/en/category/finished-projects/), the AUAN beneficiaries enjoy additional gifts (according to the necessities) from the AUAN members, sponsors and last but not least, the AUAN supporters.

When Mr. Menhard Marius, the manager of the Dutch company S.C.Geronimo-RO SRL” started the collaboration with AUAN, he analyzed all beneficiaries and chose one family (a mother with her three daughters) and besides the beautiful sponsorship (20.000 RON), he offered them, every month, additional items: clothing from Holland of very good quality, meal vouchers, food, a single mattress for the bed, and what impressed us most was a special order of cosmetics, for Easter, made for each of the three girls.

One of these days we received the following message, sent on the official e-mail of AUAN: „My name is Lucia Gutia, I am from Sibiu, and I heard of AUAN. I wish to donate a pair of roller blades, almost new, size 39. While reading the section Current Projects (https://www.alexandrananu.ro/en/proiecte/proiecte-in-derulare-2/), I noticed that some of the children for which you offer support, would very much like a pair of roller blades. My phone no. is ….., please inform me about the best way to get in touch. Thank you!” What could be of greater joy for our souls when seeing that people are really interested in reading all of our posts related to our beneficiaries. We met with Mrs. Gutia, we had a lovely chat and… the girl who really wished for the roller blades, received them.

Mrs. Pardut Maria Viorica made a donation of beautiful girl clothing, of
very good quality, for I-IVth grade. The children have confessed, that they
have changed morals since AUAN is offering them support.

We, the AUAN members, being always in contact with the beneficiaries, but also among us, we are more familiar with the needs and wishes of these children / teenagers, and we always take action when possible. This way, our beneficiaries received: a photo camera, watch, an mp3 player, a PC, a microwave, phones, meal vouchers, etc.

The children who received us in their homes this time, last year, with a skeptic look on their faces, they now put a large smile every time we meet. We consider this a beautiful way of saying „thank you”. And we pass this „thank you” smile on, to all those who assist us with pleasure.

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