Sibiu 100% – 22.12.2012
22 December 2012
Sibiu 100% – 16.02.2013
16 February 2013

Christmas Gift – 2012

The Christmas Holiday is for many children the magical time of year when all their wishes come true, their souls being filled with excitement while waiting for the gifts and the plentiful meal.
In order to fulfill their dream, the AUAN team has prepared packages with food, sweets and custom made leather belts, the latter being received as donation from Mr. Marius Menhard for all AUAN beneficiaries, thus bringing joy and hope to their homes. The happiness and sparkle in their eyes was also their “thank you from our hearts” answer. For us, this is the urge to continue what we are doing.
The team of the Siemens factory in Sibiu supported us in buying these gifts, contributing with 1000 RON.
This way, we wish to express our warmest thank you to Mr. Marius Menhard and to the Siemens team, both from our side and from the children.

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