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15 September 2013
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Summer Camps 2013 for beneficiaries AUAN

Summer Camp in Paltinis

Friendly activities in fresh air, games, nature and mountain mystery are the components of a good summer holiday for a young student who has not only successfully finished school but also with very good grades. This is a student with a scholarship from AUAN, part of the program 2012 – 2013, who went to Paltinis for one week with the financial means from the scholarship.

The following pictures show more than our words can say about the time spent with the colleagues under the supervision of the joyful religion teacher.

 Summer Camp In Cartisoara

The 2 weeks spent at Cartisoara, near Sibiu, at the beginning of August were a challenge for the 3 beneficiaries of the AUAN project 2012 – 2013. The camp was organized by DALA Foundation  in a partnership with AUAN and has tested the adaptation capabilities in a group formed by youngsters of different nationalities, French and Romanian, and different ages, between 12 and 17. It wasn’t a simple walk out in the nature because the organizers, who know very well the surroundings, have prepared lots of little challenges for the youngsters who have proven that they are able to handle special situations, to build friendships, to share with each other and last but not least they have proven that they also are small artists! Some of the challenges were hand made dolls, drawing and other hand made objects.

At the end of this year’s edition the organizers have prepared an out-door festivity with grill and fire camp all together with songs and lot of fun.

The participants have left their PC, the online social media and TVs and have turned to nature, to its simplicity and beauty, on a plateau under the mighty Fagaras mountains, near the clear water of a mountain spring.

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